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Beef Cutlet

Ingrediants :

500 gms beef, minced.
500 gms potatoes.
3 onions, chopped.
1 small piece ginger, chopped.
2 cloves garlic, chopped.
2 green chillies, chopped.
½ cup chopped coriander leaves.
1 tsp garam Masala.
2 eggs, beaten.
1 cup breadcrumbs.
Oil, to fry.
Salt & pepper to taste.

Method :

1. Cook mince with chopped garlic, ginger And chilli.

2. Add salt and pepper to taste And keep aside.

3. Boil potatoes and once cool, mash well.

4. Heat two tbsp oil in a pan, and saute onion.

5. Then add garam masal, mashed Potatoes, mince and coriander leaves.

6. Mix well and remove from fire.

7. Make small balls of the mixture and Flatten then.

8. Dip in beaten egg and pat in Breadcrumbs.

9. Deep-fry. Serve hot with tomato sauce.


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