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Ingredients :
1. Prawns (shelled and headless) 400 gms
2. Cinnamon 1 inch stick
3. Cloves 8-10
4. Cumin seeds 2 tsps
5. Coriander seeds l tbsp
6. Red chillies who1e 8-10
7. Coconut (scraped) Y2 cup
8. Malt vinegar. 2 tbsps
9. Onions 3 medium sized
10. Ginger 1 inch piece
11. Garlic. 1 0 cloves
12. Oil.. 3 tbsps
13. Salt to taste

Steps To Cook :

1. De-vein and wash prawns thoroughly. Drain well.

2. Grind together the cinnamon, cloves, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, red chillies, coconut and vinegar to a smooth paste.

3. Peel, wash and chop onions finely. Peel, wash and grind ginger and garlic to a fine paste.

4. Heat oil in a kadai. Add onions and saute for about five minutes or until light brown.

5. Add ginger-garlic paste and masala paste and saute for two to three minutes.

6. Add three-fourth cup of water and cook on high heat for four to five minutes. Add prawns and salt to taste. Cook for five minutes on medium heat or till prawns are tender.

Serve hot PRAWN COCONUT MASALA with boiled rice.


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