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Aloo Tikki

Ingredients :
1. 6 medium - Potatoes, boiled
2. 2 tbspn - Bread crumbs
3. 1/2 of a - Onion, finely chopped
4. 2 - Green chili, finely chopped
5. 2 tbspn - Coriander leaves, finely chopped
6. 1/2 tspn - Red chili powder
7. 1/2 tspn - Coriander powder
8. 1/2 tspn - Amchoor powder
9. 1/2 tspn - Roasted jeera powder
10. 1/2 tspn - Garam masala powder
11. 1/3 cup - Channa dal
12. Salt to taste

Steps To Cook :

1. Soak channa dal for 1/2 hour and cook dal in enough water with salt to taste. Dal should not get over cooked. Cook till the dal is cooked and grainy, not mashed.

2. Boil potato with the skin. Discard the skin and mash potato finely. Add bread crumbs, mix and knead to make a smooth dough. Now add all the masala powders, salt to taste, onion, green chili and coriander leaves. Mix well.

3. Now take a small portion of potato dough, make a ball, then flatten it. To the center of the dough put little cooked chana dal and wrap it with potato dough, like it is done with stuffed paratha. Wrap the dough and then make like a ball and flatten little to get a pattie shape.

4. Heat a flat pan with little oil. Place the tikki in the oil and shallow fry on both sides to a golden brown color. Take off the pan and drain in a paper towel. Similarly make tikki's with rest of the potato dough.

serve the hot Aloo Tikki with the Souse

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