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Mango Delight Pickle

Ingredients :
1. 4 raw and firm mangoes,
2. 1 tspn of coarsely powdered saunf, jeera, dhania
3. 1 tspn of garam masala,
4. ½ tspn of methi,
5. 1 tbspn of salt, red pepper,
6. 1 tspn of turmeric,
7. a large pinch of hing,
8. 2 tbspn of oil.

Steps To Cook :

1. Peel and chop mangoes into small cubes.

2. Heat oil, put Methi seeds, when it splitters add other spices and hing, and pour mango pieces, stir and add salt.

3. Stir till the mangoes are a bit cooked, remove from fire and store in a airtight jar when cooled.

You can use this Mango Delight pickle instantly and it remains for a week fresh.

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