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Mango Sweet and Sour

Ingredients :
1. 4 raw mangoes
2. 50 grams gur
3. 1 tspn of laung, dalchini, elaichi powdered
4. 1 tspn of jeera
5. 1 tbspn of salt
6. 1 tbspn red chili
7. 1 tbspn of oil.

Steps To Cook :

1. Peel and cut mangoes in thin slices.

2. Heat oil, add jeera when it splitters add mangoes and other spices, stir and add coarsely ground gur or jaggery.

3.Cook till gur dissolves and forms one thread consistency. Cool and store.

Th Mango Sweet and Sour remains intact for a fortnight, you can use it instantly.

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